When you’re looking to rebrand, designers will always have questions for you. What kind of colours, fonts, emotions do you want your brand to convey?

But it’s important for YOU to be asking THEM questions too. This is more than a one-way relationship! If you’re a small business owner, your business is probably like your baby to you. While getting a new brand will be fun and exciting, don’t forget to keep your business’ best interests top of mind. You are allowed to be picky with who you work with.

When you’re reaching out for quotes and proposals from designers, ask some of your own questions to see if you fit well with the designer.

Their mission will let you know how well aligned your business is with theirs. Are they all about modern, minimalistic approaches and streamlining efforts, while your brand is very artsy, unique and mellow? Maybe you won’t get the results you’re looking for there.

Their process will you give you an idea of how long you should expect to wait for first round designs, how many revisions they include in the price and an idea about if they’re organized or sporadic.

While you might not personally know the differences between the programs and file types, asking this question can help you judge the expertise the designer claims to offer. Are they going to use only Microsoft Word and provide you with a PDF of your logo? RED FLAG 🚩

A quick meeting or call can help you connect more personally with the designer and see if your personalities will mesh well. Are they refusing to get on the phone and dodging your requests with no good reasons? You might be dealing with a scammer, so beware!

Being up front and honest at the beginning can be uncomfortable but will ultimately help your brand get to the ideal point of redesign in the end. Ask πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ questionsπŸ‘ !