As an introvert, the idea of starting a business made my hands sweaty and my heart race. But I realized just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean that I don’t get to have a shot at having my own business. I am worth an effort!

Here are some tips I’ve used to help me in business while being an introvert:

Using social media to start networking. By starting to network on social media, I can start off in my comfort zone. I am great linguistically, I can write my thoughts better than I could ever voice them and that helps me establish a relationship so that the first phone call or meeting with the person isn’t as intimidating.

Schedule times to show your face online. Have you held back from reels and stories because you just *so* don’t want to show your face? I get it! I find it easier to schedule the times I show my face. That way, I can prepare myself physically and mentally.

Continue to learn. There are lots of great resources online to help you work through social anxiety. Join a networking event 2 cities over and practice networking with strangers – if you’re beet red the whole time and trip over your words, no worries! You don’t know these people and it’s great practice.

Consider a business partner. If you try but can’t work through it, consider adding a business partner! Someone who loves the social side of business and lets you work behind the scenes to get your stuff done.

Always remember your strengths. Sure, talking to people makes your voice go 3 octaves higher and you find yourself face-palming at the end of a phone call because you didn’t say what you meant to… But you are a good listener, contemplative, empathetic and are a quiet force to be reckoned with. Be proud of your silent skills and use it to your advantage in business.

If everyone was extroverted, it would be a really, really, really loud world. Us introverts are needed to be the listeners and the silent guiders, but that doesn’t mean we can’t run our own kick-ass businesses too.