Who has taken the love languages quiz? 🙋If you haven’t, it’s a quiz based on Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages.

According to the book, the 5 love languages are:
🗣️Words of Affirmation
💞Acts of Service
🎁Receiving Gifts
🕐Quality Time
🤝Physical Touch

You can take a quiz to find out what your love languages are. My love languages are 37% receiving gifts, 30% words of affirmation, 17% physical touch and then quality time and acts of service.

But this can be related to your work too. Whether you’re a small business with employees you manage or just yourself, understanding your love language and your employees can help create a cohesive work environment. Because just how we receive love, we also receive appreciation.

If your employee’s love language is quality time, they may want one-on-one meetings or occasional lunches with you to feel appreciated. If your own love language is words of affirmation, you may want to set reminders for yourself on your phone or posted in your work area to appreciate yourself.

As small business owners, we put our hearts into our work, so let’s put our hearts into appreciating our work and the work of our employees too!

The number one thing to remember is to love someone in THEIR love language, not in your own ❤️