Which version of motivation/support resonates with you more, a helping hand or tough love? 1️⃣ or 2️⃣?

  • Motivation approach one, helping hand
  • Motivation approach two, tough love

Approach 1️⃣ is a positive, helping hand motivation to help remind you of your “why” and connect with your meaning and mission. It is very journey-oriented.

Approach 2️⃣ is a more tough love, determined motivation help push you through the growing pains and get to your success. It is very end goal-oriented.

I personally give and receive motivation better in the form of approach 1️⃣. I believe everyone’s journey personally and professionally deserves to be celebrated and is worth it. You will never hear me say “4 things you’re doing wrong”, just “4 things to consider adding”. Everyone’s journey is different and there is no cookie-cutter solutions, but there is power in kindness, empathy and support.

BUT, I know that for some people, approach 2️⃣ is what they thrive on! The tough love and action support that gets them up and going. Something to light their fire again that makes them push through.

So I am genuinely curious, which approach works better for you? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram!