What’s holding you back from sharing and getting personal?

I’ve heard some people say:
“this is my business account, not my personal account, no one wants to hear about me”
“I shouldn’t share that business success, I don’t want it to seem like I’m bragging”
“I shouldn’t share that business ‘oops’, I don’t want it to seem like I need sympathy”
“I’m selling my products, not my story”
“I don’t want my full-time job coworkers that follow my business to judge me”

I understand it can be scary getting vulnerable and sharing details about your personal life with your clientele. You got into business because you are passionate about the products/services you sell, not sharing your day to day life.

BUT I really encourage you to get personal sometimes and share your story with your followers. We are all craving connection right now – whether in person or virtual and with people we know or that we don’t.

Sharing more gains trust and solidarity with your customers. If I am looking to buy a t-shirt, I am more likely to buy from someone who has shared with their followers that they had difficulties finding shirts that fit them so took matters into their own hands and spent their savings and took a chance on starting a business, than I am to buy from someone who just says “buy this t-shirt, it is cotton”.

Consider how you can comfortably get a little vulnerable with your clients and see how many more connections you can make, just from being open and honest. Us humans, we’re connectors at heart filled with compassion. Give us a chance to understand!