No, I’m not pivoting my business to now be in real estate – especially not in this market! šŸ™…ā€ā™€ļø I’ll leave that to the experts! But just how location for your home is important, location for your content is important too.

Keeping your content in one centralized social media account is so valuable. Even if you have multiple different business aspects or ventures, keeping just one umbrella account that represents all these other elements will keep you engaged, accountable and full of content.

For example, if you provide wellness services, you would just want one account for all of your wellness services, rather than creating separate accounts for your massages, reflexology, reiki, postpartum services, etc. When you start to create multiple accounts, you’re having to build up your audience on each new account, and maintain engagement.

With multiple accounts, it can be easy to forget to post on one or two for awhile, which isn’t good for your engagement and following. But when you keep one account, you constantly have new content to share because you have different topics and themes you can work with.

Now, when it comes to a business account vs. a personal account, that’s different! Many business owners (myself included) choose to have their business and personal accounts kept separate, as they serve different purposes for them. But I’ve also seen great success in business owners who use their business account as their personal channel to share authentically as well.

We all learned the acronym – KISS. Keep it simple silly (yes, I like the silly version better). With less accounts comes less responsibility and more time to keep creating the magic that you started your business for in the first place āœØ