NEW! Instagram now requires you to sell your first born child and document your entire life with your eyeball with their new update!

Kidding, of course. But have you seen all the posts announcing that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing profile, but a video sharing profile now? With crazy expectations for posting that includes:
šŸ˜¬ 4-7 reels a week
šŸ™ƒ 4 feed posts a week
šŸ˜¶ 1 hour live a week
šŸ˜µ 3 IGTVs a week
šŸ˜Ÿ 10 story posts a day

If you saw any of these posts and thought “I can no longer be successful on Instagram” or “I don’t have time for this” or “I hate doing videos”… You are NOT alone.

And I’m here to tell you to breathe. It’s okay. This platform is your platform.

This platform is whatever you want it to be.
This platform is whatever you need it to be.
This platform is just another platform.
This platform is meant to help you, not stress you out.
This platform is a place you fit in. I promise.

Yes, engagement and the algorithm is important. But if you are so stressed out that showing up on Instagram becomes a chore, it’s not helping anybody.

As always, I encourage you to just stay authentic, stay open and stay consistent online. And never, ever be afraid to ask for help if you need it. We all do, and especially with this new update, a helping hand is never a bad idea.

Stay true and honest and keep having fun. This is your account, your platform, your voice.

You’ve got this āœØ