You’re definitely not alone if you’re wanting a logo for your business, but don’t know what you’d like or have any direction. That’s common! I’ve rounded up some key ideas I encourage people to consider to help the gears get turning.

πŸ’‘Simple icons are a great way to show instead of explain what your business is and what you offer.

πŸ’‘ Will your logo be blown up onto big signs? Small coffee cups? T-shirts? Consider the final placement of your logo to help determine how much detail you’re wanting to include.

πŸ’‘ White space ensures people can read your logo from a distance or read it when it is really small. Less is more in terms of logos sometimes, so consider subtracting some elements.

πŸ’‘ Colour is your friend! Pops of colour help make your logo stand out and are a great way to create a cohesive brand. One or two key brand colours can help you theme your materials, social media and more. This helps clients recognize your brand before even reading your business name.

πŸ’‘ Above all, remember it is YOUR logo. You need to feel happy and confident with your final design. Revisions can always be made in the future to adapt to your changing ideas and business growth.