You might be wondering why I chose a wave for my logo. Water is a big part of my life, which is why it’s a big part of my brand too 🌊

When I’m near water, it’s like I can physically feel my soul being filled. There is something about hearing the waves, seeing the light on the ripples and smelling the freshness in the air that makes me immediately calm.

My favourite thing is swimming in deep water where I can’t see the bottom, it’s just me and water all around me – feeling like a small part of a huge ecosystem that I can’t even begin to comprehend.

Maybe that’s why I was drawn to my hubby too – he’s a commercial diver and has always wanted to be one, so I guess I just gravitated towards my very own Merman!

When I decided I wanted to start my own business finally, I knew my logo needed to be significant and meaningful since I would be doing other clients logos as the main part of the business. With water being such a large part of my life, and living by the Bay of Quinte and working with clients in North Bay at the time too, By the Bay Branding just fit.

The rest is history.

Make sure you include yourself in your business, even if it’s in a small way ❤️