I am here for YOU.

It’s not my job to doodle a few simple drawings, slap your name on it and call it your logo.

It’s not my job to add some clipart to a document and call it graphic design for your info guide.

It’s not my job to take an existing website template, change the name and say it’s yours.

It IS my job to gather details from you before a job to understand your expectations and vision.

It IS my job to provide you with multiple logo versions (way more than I promise usually) to give you variety to start.

It IS my job to do revision after revision until we get the logo or design completely perfect for you.

It IS my job to tell you to please stop apologizing – you are allowed to have an edit! 5 edits! 20 edits! Because it is your brand, your identity and your passion.

You will never walk away from a job with me wishing you had asked for just one more revision, because I am determined to make sure you are 1000% satisfied with your brand at the end. And if you’re not? Let’s keep working. We’re going to get there. I promise.