2024 Books Now Open

Well, that was quite the year! I took 2023 off for maternity leave to get to know my new little one, Layla. As we approach her 1 year birthday in January, I am so excited to reopen the By the Bay Branding books for new and returning clients for 2024!

I’ve had a few inquiries on timelines so I’ve been taking those nap time breaks to do some updating for you here and there to get ready to start booking. Take a look at the portfolio section to see some new OG clients, check out our branding and design/writing pages to see what our services offer now and then let’s talk!

I’m currently only opening the books on branding and design/content to ease my way back in, but if you’re in dire need of a new website, website revamp or social media services, still reach out! We might be able to work something out.

I can feel the creative juices flowing already and can’t wait to make some branding dreams a reality! Inquire below to be one of the first in line for the new year ⬇️

The Wide, Wide Open

The wide, wide open ❄

When you look out in the world, there are physically so many directions you can take. You can walk, ride, slide, skate. You can go left, right, straight or any way in between. You can go as far or as close as you want.

But mentally and emotionally and personally, it’s like we seem to think there is one track for our lives that we need to live out and stick to. Hit the milestones, show the smiles, take the pictures and move onto the next goal.

What if we looked at life like we look at this wilderness? Take whatever direction feels right to you and only you. Create your own milestones. Smile the genuine smiles. Take the pictures and cherish them. And keep going in whatever direction makes you happy.

Whether it’s your own business or not – do it for you. Do it for your life and journey.

Do a Relaxation Exercise With Me

Stop scrolling for a sec and do a little exercise with me. ❤

Take those deep breaths, roll those shoulders, move your head, unclench your jaw and reset your mind.

Especially at this time of year, owning a business can seem impossible. So many orders, expectations, personal obligations, pressure and not to mention the SADs.

But you just need to help yourself reset. Remember the WHY. Why did you start this business? Why did you feel so passionately about it?

And remember, no matter what, you are always your own person outside of just being this business owner, spouse, parent, friend, etc.

You are you, and you’ve got this. ✨

Brand Boards Explained

With every new brand I complete, I send a brand board outlining the business colours and fonts.

What is a brand board and how do you use it though? 🤔

In short, it’s a one stop shop for everything to do with your branding – fonts, colours, graphics, etc.

You can use it when sending information to designers and printers to ensure all your materials are the exact shade of colour for your brand and your name is in the exact same font everywhere.

It’s also super helpful if you have a Canva account (you should!) to upload your exact colours and fonts to keep your graphics consistent 😌

Your Edits are Valid

I am here for YOU.

It’s not my job to doodle a few simple drawings, slap your name on it and call it your logo.

It’s not my job to add some clipart to a document and call it graphic design for your info guide.

It’s not my job to take an existing website template, change the name and say it’s yours.

It IS my job to gather details from you before a job to understand your expectations and vision.

It IS my job to provide you with multiple logo versions (way more than I promise usually) to give you variety to start.

It IS my job to do revision after revision until we get the logo or design completely perfect for you.

It IS my job to tell you to please stop apologizing – you are allowed to have an edit! 5 edits! 20 edits! Because it is your brand, your identity and your passion.

You will never walk away from a job with me wishing you had asked for just one more revision, because I am determined to make sure you are 1000% satisfied with your brand at the end. And if you’re not? Let’s keep working. We’re going to get there. I promise.


What ‘Bay’ is she ‘by’?

What ‘Bay’ is she ‘By’? Why is there a wave in her logo?

The Bay that I am physically by is the Bay of Quinte. I grew up here and moved back here, always drawn to the water. My parents now live by North Bay and I have clients there too! No matter the Bay, I can be by it for your brand.

The wave represents water which – aside from my husband and family – is the most important thing in my life. I feel so completely calm and at home by the water, it’s when I feel the most ‘me’.

So there’s a little insight into me and this biz, and a calming video of the ocean in NS and fluffy clouds to cheer up your feed 😍

Be the Brand

I can’t believe I’m saying this – but I think all those times I watched Caddyshack with my Dad growing up might be paying off.

If you haven’t seen Caddyshack, there is a scene where Chevy Chase is giving Danny future advice through golf, saying he needs to “be the ball”. He puts on a blindfold and swings the golf club, saying “find your centre, hear nothing, feel nothing, be the ball”.

As corny as it sounds, I feel like as business owners, we need to step up and be the brand too. Find what your passionate about deep inside, don’t listen to the competition, don’t let the naysayers stop you and be the brand.

Be the brand you were meant to create, and live your brand. If you are an eco-friendly brand, be that brand! Live your life eco-consciously and be passionate about it.

Because when it’s your own business, it’s not just work, it’s not just a job – it’s YOU.

Be 👏the 👏brand 👏

Anyone Could Be Your Next Client

Anyone could be your next client. The person you got angry with at the grocery store, the person driving the car you just cut off, the person you took your bad mood out on, the person you blamed a helpless situation on, the person you belittled to try to get your way.

By being a business owner, you are forever more associating yourself and your actions with your business. If you are volatile and rude to me in an interaction, and I know (or learn in the future) what business you have, it absolutely doesn’t make me want to be a client of yours. And not only that, but it doesn’t make me want to recommend your business to friends or family either.

This doesn’t mean you can never disagree on something again or stand up for yourself, but I think all too often we forget the ramifications of our behaviours outside of our business. When you choose to be self-employed, you choose to combine your identities personally and professionally. You must choose which battles are a moral fight for you, and which are just maybe a temper tantrum taken out on the person in front of you. And choose wisely, as word of mouth is worth far more than any ad campaign or marketing you will ever pay for.

Just some food for thought to keep in mind in your interactions this week ✨