About Page Tips

Raise your hand if you’re uncomfortable talking about yourself 🙋

9 times out of 10, the ‘About’ page is the one my clients struggle the most with when we’re developing their website.

Here are the top 5 things you should consider putting on your ‘About’ page:

1️⃣ A picture of you. Bonus points if it’s from a branded photoshoot! A picture can help your clients feel more connected with you, like they already know you. If your service is one where the person will come see you in person at some point, it can help them recognize you more easily on the first visit.

2️⃣ Education/Background. Do you have certifications and experience that makes you an expert in your field? Mention those front and centre to get the qualifications out of the way off the bat. Think of it like a resume – first you need to use the facts to justify you as an expert and then back it up with your other information.

3️⃣ A bit about your story. Why did you start offering the service that you do? What excites you about your work? Keeping it personal keeps people engaged and interested. If I know you used to make hair clips for your friends 5 years ago and then decided to follow that passion into your current business, add that!

4️⃣ Talk yourself up a bit. This one can be tough. What makes you tick? Why should I buy from you? A good trick with this part is to ask a close friend or family remember to write something short for you. You might feel too flattered about what they wrote and want to remove some parts, but keep the core. How your friends and family see you is usually the best representation of how you make others feel and why you deserve someone’s business.

5️⃣ A call to action. So your clients now know all about you… Now what? Tell them what to do next. Contact you? View your products? Give them direction before they just exit out of your site.