Is a Blog Right for my Business?

If you’re wondering if your business should start a blog, start by asking yourself a few questions:

❓Do you like to write?
❓Do you have the time?
❓Do you have tips to offer?

Blogs are a great way to gain respect, position yourself as an expert in your field and increase website views. Google ranks websites with blogs higher than those without because of the engagement with readers. Blogs give you extra content to share on social media and across your website.

But as beneficial as they are, they also require work. The most successful blogs have a strategy, planned content and consistent posting.

If you have the time to add an extra element to your online strategy, I absolutely encourage a blog and can help you start one!

But if you’re already feeling overwhelmed with the platforms you’re on, don’t add more to your plate! Focus on excelling on a few key platforms rather than just meeting the minimum on all platforms possible.

Google My Business Tips

As the most popular and most used search engine, Google is a great asset for businesses to use to reach customers. By utilizing the FREE Google My Business platform, you are able to have your listing come up on the side of search results with all the information you can upload like hours, website, photos and more.

Just having a Google My Business is a great step – but here are some tips to get the most out of your profile.

🕐Always update your hours. Especially if you have a brick and mortar storefront that you want people to visit, make sure you are updating your hours regularly to reflect any holiday closures, hour extensions, etc.

📱Encourage customers to review you on Google. Especially for food establishments, Google reviews are key for potential customers deciding if they want to buy your product. Encouraging customers to review you on Google with an incentive like a contest or discount is a great way to gain trust.

📷Update your photos. Your customers can upload their own photos to your listing which helps with community trust, but also make sure the photos you upload are up to date. If you have a short term rental or cabin and you do renovations, upload those new photos! It will give a better sense of the experience for your customers.

📈Look at your analytics. You can sign up to receive analytics from your Google My Business profile every month. They will tell you how many people saw your profile, where they clicked and what search items they used to find your business. These are all key pieces of information that can inform your SEO and strategy moving forward!

I Know My Worth

Know your worth and then add tax (if you have an HST number, that is).

Setting prices for service-based businesses can be uncomfortable, especially when you’re just starting out. In my first 6 months of business, I had my prices insanely low compared to similar businesses. I did this intentionally to build up a larger portfolio base to showcase my early work. But after 6 months, I raised my prices (and yes – I still had clients coming in!).

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About Page Tips

Raise your hand if you’re uncomfortable talking about yourself 🙋

9 times out of 10, the ‘About’ page is the one my clients struggle the most with when we’re developing their website.

Here are the top 5 things you should consider putting on your ‘About’ page:

1️⃣ A picture of you. Bonus points if it’s from a branded photoshoot! A picture can help your clients feel more connected with you, like they already know you. If your service is one where the person will come see you in person at some point, it can help them recognize you more easily on the first visit.

2️⃣ Education/Background. Do you have certifications and experience that makes you an expert in your field? Mention those front and centre to get the qualifications out of the way off the bat. Think of it like a resume – first you need to use the facts to justify you as an expert and then back it up with your other information.

3️⃣ A bit about your story. Why did you start offering the service that you do? What excites you about your work? Keeping it personal keeps people engaged and interested. If I know you used to make hair clips for your friends 5 years ago and then decided to follow that passion into your current business, add that!

4️⃣ Talk yourself up a bit. This one can be tough. What makes you tick? Why should I buy from you? A good trick with this part is to ask a close friend or family remember to write something short for you. You might feel too flattered about what they wrote and want to remove some parts, but keep the core. How your friends and family see you is usually the best representation of how you make others feel and why you deserve someone’s business.

5️⃣ A call to action. So your clients now know all about you… Now what? Tell them what to do next. Contact you? View your products? Give them direction before they just exit out of your site.